Gazpromviet Ltd.

Company History

In accordance with the Treaty establishing the Company Gazpromviet dated 15 December 2009 between Gazprom and Petrovietnam created Limited Liability Company Gazpromviet (with the distribution of shares: Gazprom - 51%, Petrovietnam - 49%).

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Scope of activities

Gazpromviet was created on the territory of the Russian Federation and in accordance with RF legislation with the aim of execution of prospecting and evaluation works, development of gas, gas condensate, oil and oil and gas condensate deposits with a complex development gas, gas condensate, oil resources with the application of the advanced methods and technologies of research, exploration, development of deposits and deriving of profit in these projects.

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Prospects of the Company

In accordance with the Production programme the development of project documents, the drilling of producing and exploratory wells, arrangement of the Nagumanovskoe oil-gas condensate field, continuation of prospecting and evaluation works in the Severo-Purovsky licensed subsoil area and arrangement of Severo-Purovsky condensate field are planned in the nearest future.

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Environmental policy

Environmental policy of Gazpromviet is based on the main principles...

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Social policy

Gazpromviet is a socially responsible company. In this regard the Company is ...

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Gazpromviet, Moscow Sevastopolskiy prospect, 28, build. 1.
Phone: +7 (499) 578-03-70